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Garage Door Roller, Car Wash Roller & Truck Door Roller

Our rollers are made from automatic assembly and injection machines. These rollers go through impact and durability testing and work silently compare to the typical steel rollers. With the plastic covering over the bearing which contains vibrations and eliminates the noisy contact steel to steel.

The speical lubricant accept our rollers work in low temparture situation as well and are used by many OEM manufacturers.

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Garage Door Roller

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  • Steel & plastic combination roller head.
  • No noisy.
  • Low tempature workable.
  • Heat treated components.
  • Heavy duty application.
  • Anti-dust, sealed design.
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  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Taiwan
  • TEL: +886-2-89904567
  • FAX: +886-2-89903123
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