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Conveyor Bearing, Conveyor Wheel

These bearings are inserted into the tubes along with an axle and placed in the frame. Complete types of conveyor bearings will be appropriate for your requirements. Stamping type bearings will be sufficient when the speed requirements is not fast, semi - precision (core) bearings are necessary for moderate speed, if you need high speeds or heavy load capacity, precision type bearings will be necessary. Also, we do many custom bearings (e.x. sealed type bearings, plastic and steel combination bearings...etc.,) for special applications.

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Conveyor Bearing

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  • Stamping type, non - precision bearings.
  • Semi-precision bearings.
  • Precision bearings.
  • Bearing with housing.
  • Low temperature application.
  • Sealed bearings.
  • Steel & plastic combination bearings.
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